Wonderland Gallery Launch @ Wonderland

Wonderland Gallery Launch @ Wonderland

We just love finding new galleries, so last Thursday we headed to Summer Hill’s latest gallery – Wonderland Gallery Space. It was their official lunch exhibition What do you think this is… Wonderland? You may recall that we love to visit Sweets Workshop quite often and we’ve been wondering when more galleries will open in this cute, villagey little suburb.

Wonderland is a new endeavour for photographers Belle Rozelle and Dave Wilson. The exhibition featured works from the owners, as well as local artists Kelly-Ann Denton, Zeljko Nedic, Tom Luscombe and Olivia Louella.

The gallery was full of friends and supporters. We think they would have had even more interest if there had been some better PR. Finding any details about the space is a challenge. No doubt with such a great space their fans will multiply.

The exhibition continues until July 28th, 2012.

Written by STROBED. 3.5 out of 5