Morning Chorus (Phoenix) – Sal Higgens @ Sheffer

Morning Chorus (Phoenix) – Sal Higgens @ Sheffer

Sal Higgens first grabbed our attention with her work in Face Apart at Salerno Gallery. We fell in love with her bold, visceral style. This week Sheffer Gallery was host to Higgens forst solo show in Australia.

Morning Chorus (Phoenix) was an exploration of the historical representation of the human soul as a bird and themes of death. Her body of work featured the creepy subject of plucked chickens with human heads; each subject contorted in death. Higgen’s gestural brushwork, unique palate and surreal compositions took a bizarre study to a place of great beauty.

In her statement, Higgen’s refers to the notion that painting is dead. We disagree, especially with talent like hers alive and well.  Get along and check out the show, it continues until the 7th of July 2012.


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Written by STROBED. out of 5


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