Mad Like Us @ Newagency

Mad Like Us @ Newagency

We’re back! We know how excited you are.

What better way to dive back into it than brining you a glimpse of some new talent. 3 emerging artists were all given encouragement awards for their work in the Smart ARTS Festival. As part of their prize they were given the opportunity to exhibit together at Newsagency Gallery. So here we are, with a few photos of works by Abbey PiaudJessica Ng (j-b0x) and Sai Nitivoranant.

‘Mad Like Us’ was an eclectic mix of illustration, design, installation and painting. The works explored female fairytale characters and their feigned innocence. The show was curated by Nathan X Li and Aby Dotulung from NXL Design. Their attention to detail on the “experience” of the show was great.

This is another great show at Newsagency Gallery, so stick your head in and have a peek. The exhibition continues until August 20th, 2012.


Written by STROBED. out of 5