My Goodness, My Gocco @ Sweets Workshop

My Goodness, My Gocco @ Sweets Workshop

Japan in the 70s: an economic decline after crazy economic growth, people flocking to mega-cities, the rise of Japanese fashion, and then in 1977 came Print Gocco. Print Gocco is a screenprinting system that uses flash bulbs to create an image. It seems really complicated, is apparently rather unreliable, and is no longer manufactured. Perfect for quirky artistic endeavours!

This is the third annual Gocco exhibition at Sweets Workshop in Summer Hill. Ten artists hung their printed works and they were tiny and glorious. There’s something clean and cute about Gocco prints that just makes you want to stare at them. We suggest you get in and have a look.

The exhibition continues until 16 April 2013.

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Written by STROBED. 4.5 out of 5