Birdlife – Fiona Roderick @ Sweets Workshop

Birdlife – Fiona Roderick @ Sweets Workshop

Fiona Roderick calls herself a printmaker, but in her latest exhibition Birdlife she shows that she can also throw together some damn fine collages.

Birdlife is a collection of small works where Roderick has recycled the discarded proof prints from her lino cut works. She has chopped, torn, glued, printed and painted a collection of birds, both real and imagined. The gallery is transformed into a colourful aviary of Roderick’s design.

While most of the proof sheets provide interesting tones and textures for Roderick to work with, there are also carefully selected snippets of her botanical prints that survive in these new works. Her love of the natural world is evident in the exhibition.

Birdlife continues at Sweets Workshop until the 27th of March. Check it out.

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Written by STROBED. out of 5