Group Show @ Firstdraft

Group Show @ Firstdraft

As usual it was a gi-normous show at Firstdraft Gallery last week, in terms of attendance, art and scope. Connie Anthes’ “inflatable drawings” was a great opener, as were the wind driven VHS tape strapped to the walls. Considering the sunny afternoon, we also appreciated the floor fans…

Struggling through the crowd, we made it to Chloe Langford’s “Heavy Jelly” exhibition which humourously toyed with the idea of audience viewing the viewer. It’s safe to say that more people than we expected from an often reserved crowd took the leap step into the jelly circle.

In the darkest corner were Chloe Hughes’ video works. Very interesting, and very hot back there with so many eyes fixed on the screens. Sadly couldn’t push through the crowd and get a listen to the audio… maybe next time.

And last was Pia de Bruyn and Andrew Atchison’s paintings along the main gallery. Both artists worked with pastel colours, simple line work and iconic imagery to create a striking body of work.


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Written by STROBED. out of 5