Ink Dots Black Spots @ The TATE

Ink Dots Black Spots @ The TATE

Ink Dots Black Spots is a group project from 15 tattoo studios with work from 50 Australian tattoo artists. The exhibition featured A3 screen prints in signed edition of 20, with $10 of each sale going to the Cancer Council Victoria. If some amazing and bargain priced ($60 a print) art wasn’t enough to get people’s wallets open, a good cause did the trick. Many of the editions were sold out early in the night.

The exhibition was opened fist in August at the Vic Bar, Melbourne. The TATE was the second stop on the road show.  There was a decent crowd of art lovers perusing the show, though quieter than we expected. Where is everyone at the moment?!

The bold designs and intricate lines of each artists work created a uniform aesthetic for the show. Familiar themes of retro nautical tattoos and Japanese design featured across most of the works. However each artist bought their own style to their traditional influences.

If you missed the show but think a little art would look nice on your walls, there are still some prints available from Dangerfork.

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Written by STROBED. 5 out of 5