Not Even These Images Will Last @ The Paper Mill

Patrick Boland, Julie Burke, Dean Golja and Craig Proudford joind forces to create “Not Even These Images Will Last”: a show of photography, drawing and a little installation.

Dean Golja

Dean Golja’s series of black and white prints focused on his travels. The images featuring empty staircases and winding paths, empty corners and flashes of movment. A sense of mystery and melancholy unites the series.

Dean Golja

Hydrotherapy Hell - Patrick Boland

Patrick Boland’s collecting of HDRI images were vivid and undenyably creepy. Using a deserted hospital as his subject he created a body of work that felt post-apocalyptic. Rather terrifying to be honest.

Craig Proudford

Julie Burke

The photographic theme of the show was broken up by a series of drawings and installation work from Julie Burke. She drew directly onto large paper panels on the gallery wall and left the evidence to enhance the process. She also invited the audience to grab an eraser and engage in turing her work into something new. Less is more, right?

This was our first visit to The Paper Mill. The project space opened it’s doors in September this year and has had some amazing shows already in it’s short life span. Hidden away in Angel Place in the centre of the CBD, it has a sense of secrecy when you turn down the dark alley from bustling Geroge Street and see the gallery light shining.

The Paper Mill seems to be on its way to developing an army of regulars and a reputation for showing some great art; get out and see it.