X-Mas Yeah!

Angelic Ornament

Hello loyal Strobed readers.

It is Christmas and all the art is done for the year. So to get your fill over the holidays we encourage you to try your hand at getting your own art on. Grab a case of beer, some scissors and glitter and get festive.

You can find instructions for making the beautiful “Angelic Ornament” here.

They will also teach you to make stunning baloon trees…

Balloon X-Mas Tree

An annoying sibling you say? How about a nice crafty bag of coal! Instructions here!

Bag of Coal

 A scary serrated faeces ghost is also a great gift. Make your own!


Nothing says “I love you” like a home made monstrosity.
Have a boozy, indulgent and fabulous Christmas! See you in 2000 + 11.
Strobed x


  1. Mark

    Fantastic Jobs boys and girls.. Hope you’ve been good?
    Santa will be visiting soon.
    Keep up the good work.
    Mark @strobed.jameselks.com sydney art galleries and art community

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