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Jess Bradford + Beth Josey @ the Grove

Jess Bradford + Beth Josey @ the Grove

We'd heard rumours of a place in Surry Hills that served jazz alongside an occasional art exhibition opening. Last Thursday night we found 'the Grove', the jazz, and some fantastic art. Jessica Bradford and Beth Josey were the focus of the evening and their very…

Jasper Knight – Sydney Boat Show @ Chalk Horse

Just in case you've been out of the loop, we feel a duty to share firstly that Chalk Horse Gallery has moved: to approximately 50 metres around the corner. And in celebration of a new home, gallery director Jasper Knight presented his new show "Sydney…

Art Windows Project + Nairn Scott @ Potts Point

Part of Art Month Sydney's goal is to heighten the profile of artists and galleries. What better way to do this than to curate and exhibition that people have no choice to wander through as they go about their lives? James Dorahy has called upon…

Here Today Gone Tomorrow – Above @ Lo-Fi

Lo-Fi has quickly turned itself into one of the more popular low-brow exhibition spaces in Sydney. Last week saw US artist Above move his work from the street to the walls of Lo-Fi for his debut solo show - Here Today Gone Tomorrow. 3395

Future @ Roller

Have you heard of "Australia INfront"? No? Well, let us explain. In a nutshell it is an online community for Australian designers and creative types to share information and network. It's a blog, a forum, an events organiser with some classifieds thrown in. If our…

Stephanie Monteith @ James Dorahy

Stephanie Monteith's latest collection "Living Room" follows a surreal narrative through the lives of her subjects, most of whom are dead. 2911