Running Writing @ aMBUSH

A gloomy afternoon in Sydney, on this particular Thursday, made it hard to get off the couch in the pursuit of art. But we have a soft spot for aMBUSH. There is something about it’s home in a crappy little alley in the middle of nowhere that lends it some kind of bonus points. This gallery is always crowded and is managing to survive despite it’s real estate. Nice.

This particular night saw 2 Sydney based graffiti artists in the spotlight. Amuse and Jakpot were moving from brick walls to white walls.

Jakpot’s work was 99% paintings of this little guy. 12 paintings and 3 prints of this cute little birdy with various cloud, rainbow and butterfly action happening in the background. The paintwork and style were a lot of fun, but we came to a consensus that it would have been awesome to see the artist tackle a few additional subjects. Jakpot featured a large portrait “Angel”. This was a bit of a tease, as it showed some real skill in portraiture and we wanted to see more.

We weren’t the only ones getting some snaps.

Bar staff hard at work! Thanks for the cold beer, very important for art appreciation.

Amuse’s collection was very ecclectic. Paintings, mixed media, sculpture and even a splash of fashion design. It’s always nice to see an artist who is experimenting with different ideas and mediums. Call me a wanker, but I really like it when you get young artists who are not afraid to put on display the fact that their style is still evolving. You get a bit of everything, and Amuse’s work felt very much like a snap shot into the mind of an artist who is exploring their practice and really enjoying it.

Beer. In fact, a SELECTION of beers to choose from. Impressive.

aMBUSH exhibitor’s memorial pole. Love it.

Until next time.