Unfolding Freedoms/Cabinet of Curiosities

The threat of rain was looming on Enmore Rd, but Hardware’s warm lights and noisy buzz made it all worthwhile, not to mention the art. Maria Lizunova and Justin van den Berg were the artists in the spotlight. The upstairs gallery home to Maria’s bold and tactile works, while downstairs was home to Justin’s delicate still life collection.

Unfolding Freedoms was a diverse collection of work. The show was curated in such a way that standing in the gallery surrounded by so many large canvases of thickly textured oils in vibrant colours and patterns was a delight.

With a glass of wine in hand we ventured to show number 2.

Justin must be very pleased with this exhibition, as one of the first things I noticed was the number of red dots! People were loving this collection. All the works were still life, base on his kitchen cabinet and the objects within. A real treat was that the cabinet itself and all it’s contents had been installed in the gallery, so you could examine the subject and the work (fantastic idea).

Very nice turn out for this show with a crowd that was really enjoying the work.