There Goes the Neighbourhood @ The Tate

There Goes the Neighbourhood @ The Tate

It’s no secret that we loved Lo-Fi, and when it handed the reigns to The Standard we were a little sad. BUT (!) Lo-Fi Collective has a new baby – The TATE. Located upstairs at the Toxteth Hotel on Glebe Point Road, this little gallery is destined for great things.

The grand opening was last Wednesday night and group show There Goes the Neighbourhood adorned the walls. The exhibition featured 16 artists across a range of genres. A great collection of familiar names with a few new ones as well.

The idea behind the TATE is to provide a free exhibition space to art school students, outside of the institution. Such a fantastic idea. We really want to urge everyone to get along and support the TATE, because they are supporting art. Gallery fees and commissions in Sydney can be dizzyingly high, so to see such a professional set up that’s prepared to back new artists for no fee and no commission is just incredible. We’ll be excited to see which bright young things get launched at the TATE.

And yes, it was packed.


Written by STROBED. out of 5