Sophia Flegg @ Platform72

Sophia Flegg @ Platform72

Platform 72 has been open for about a year now and we have finally made it! Better late than never, right?

Hidden out the back at a little space set aside for exhibitions. On this particular night Sophia Flegg was showcasing her latest. Out the front, the store provides artists with a space the sell their many wares. Custom jewellery, ceramics, paintings, photography, zines etc line the walls and shelves.

Flegg hails from Newcastle and was “found” by Platform72. Good find. After a not-to-difficult negotiation they got Flegg and her works to Sydney for a show. Her paintings use neon colours and thick brushstrokes. Portraits, cityscapes and chihuahuas hung bright and bold around the small gallery space. In this one exhibition it was clear that Flegg is evolving her style and technique. Her most recent works, a series of portraits on skateboards, show that she is one to watch.

The exhibition continues until Thursday 8th November. Duck in and check it out, maybe get stuck into your Christmas shopping while you’re there!

Written by STROBED. out of 5