100 Squared Launch [Westfield Sydney]

So, the much anticipated Sydney Westfield is open (well, most of it). In an attempt to be seen as “edgy” with extra “pop”, the Westfield brand is giving young fashion designers and artists a retail space officially known as 100 Squared. The nutshell brief is that art and fashion come together, and so on the behalf of the former we find ourselves at the 100 Squared launch…

To paint the picture a little better, the 100 Squared space is like an indoor market. Situated in the centre court of Level 1, it allows people to mill through tables of jewlery, clothes, accessories and gadgets. For the launch the guys from aMBUSH had organised some live art and back catologue work to be show throughout the space.

We stood for ages gazing at the last minute installation of these works trying to analyse feelings of deja vu. Then it hit; these are some of the panels from the Melbourne Semi Permanent GPO Show. It was kind of cool to see them in the flesh… but we did feel a little decieved.



Sneeky works were hidden under tables and nestled amongst the racks of wares.

With all the designers open for business I hope they cashed in. It’s not every night you have hundreds of patrons pumped up on free champagne ready to open their wallets.

Along with the live painting, there was live fasion photography happening, oh yeah.

We’re not sure what the future has in store for the art aspect of 100 Squared. Hopefully some kind of hanging space will become permanent. Regardless, there are some amazing designers taking up residency so if you’re stuck on Christmas ideas it’s definitely worth checking out!