Underbelly Arts Festival 2010 @ Chippendale Arts Precinct

Filling The Cracks - Reef Knot, installation

Last Saturday saw Kensington Street in Chippendale transformed into some sort of Diagon Alley for the creative arts. Installation artworks everywhere, performers beckoning passers by, and even security guards with smiles pointing out magical glow sticks in stormwater drains. Truly, it was a hidden oasis for creatives.

The festival was a showcase finale of a 10 day program of events that encouraged the public to get in touch with their arty side. Headquarters for the event was Fraser Studios, which filled its spaces with actors, poets, puppeteers, nerds, installation artists and dancers.

I Can Draw You A Picture (detail) - exhibition

I Can Draw You A Picture (detail) - exhibition

The “I Can Draw You A Picture” exhibition was a fascinating beast. Having invited public participation in the preceding 10 days, the space was filled with the fruits of their labour. The walls were almost completely covered by drawings and collages which were collated into a resulting publication available for purchase at the festival.

I Scare My Six Year Old Self - Tim Spencer (c/o The Seafarer'e Academy)

Performances galore were available for viewing pleasure. With theatre groups and individual actors getting involved and  sharing their passion with an eager audience in rather intimate spaces. No hiding in the back row here!

AIRCITY (exterior) - Ecto-Plasm, installation

There is no denying it. Despite an amazingly high calibur of work, hands down our favourite of the day was AIRCITY. This hugs ballon/igloo structure was impressive even just for its size and form… but then we realised we could climb inside!

AIRCITY (interior detail) - Ecto-Plasm, installation

Inside was filled with fan forced breezes, swirling lights and mysterious balloon creatures. This was just so interactive and so much fun. We could have sat in this little alien oasis for hours.

DUSK - Angrypixel, installation

Also treating our love of interactive art was DUSK. This work was a projection of shy streams of light. Each little digital creature fled from your shadow as you walked across the projection. Amazing.

13% Pervert - Justin Harvey, interactive video film

It Just Leaves me with an Empty Feeling - The Ordinary Collective, installation

- Pretty sure this isn't an installation... just a dude who sells fruit and soup... but hey, it's interactive!

Great festival, if you missed it we highly recommend you make time to check out next year’s event. In the meantime however, check out the Underbelly Arts Website and hunt down these artists and show them some love.