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Heart Your Art @ PolyGallery

The premise of "Heart Your Art" at PolyGallery was to create an exhibition for the senses. It was surprisingly confronting to engage with works that are to be experienced with more than just the eyes. "Lawn Ball" by Anthony O'Connor (above) challenged the viewer to stick their…

Spreading The Disease @ blank_space

It's back! After an extended hiatus blank_space's walls are once again ready to bring you 'the art'. The group of artists who had the lucky opportunity of re-opening the space as a gallery were Bennett, Kalen and Tez with their show "Spreading The Disease". 1538

SIXTEEN @ Somedays

SIXTEEN was Jackson Eaton, Pedro Ramos, Luke Byrne, Ward Roberts, Oliver Bryce Yates, Sam Ash, Sam Stephenson, Brett Chan, Leon Batchelor, Gene Eaton, Tony Mckey, Ross Jenkinson, Sam Chiplin, Joe Coleman, Ryan Kenny and last but not least Jacinda Fermanis who pulled this bunch together…

Superset + Beth Josey + Jasmin Dessmann

It's no surprise that opening nights at Gaffa Gallery are epic; multiple galleries equals multiple shows sharing the glory. This opening night included great wine and an army of art lovers out to get their fix. 1374
Without Walls Vol.1 @ Oh Really Gallery

Without Walls Vol.1 @ Oh Really Gallery

Oh Really Gallery is becoming an underground success story. A bunch of friends, a real estate gamble and a love of street art has taken this little gallery from a bunch of mates displaying their own work, to a legitimate gallery space. Over the last 12 months…

SafARI @ MOP Projects

Last night MOP Projects played host to the launch of SafARI 2010, a multi-site exhibition that sees a collection of Sydney's Artist Run Initiative Galleries pull together and hand their walls to a select group of emerging and unrepresented artists. 1140

-TG1- @ PolyMorph

-TG1- was a showcase of new work from Troy Hammerton and Gavin Kyle. These are two artists exploring very different art forms. Yet mashed up together in PolyMorph's Gallery Space, they created some sort of ultra-violent harmony. 1011

CarriageARTworks 2010 @ CarriageWorks

2010 marks the second year for CarriageARTworks. The event sees the vast foyer of CarriageWorks transformed into a showcase of works from 11 of Sydney's inner-west galleries. An exhibition that brings together work on canvas, sculpture, photography, mixed media, video art, performance art and textiles to…