Three Magick Stooges @ The Watch House

Three Magick Stooges @ The Watch House

On a rainy Friday night a few weeks back we found a gorgeous heritage building to escape the weather — The Balmain Watch House. We were really there to check out April White’s new work in a group show ‘Three Magick Stooges’.

Her new series of surreal portraits show a shift from the wonderfully free and chaotic lines of the drawing and mixed media works we’ve seen in the past. This show presented a series of oil paintings showing a more controlled and carefully composed side of the artist. Really quite stunning work.

Along with White, there were 2 other artists presenting their work. Yoka Terzic and Nicholas Beckett.

Terzic’s ink illustrations were bold and heavily based in personal symbolism. Animals, monsters, colour and simplicity gave her work a child-like feel.

Beckett’s showcase was across two rooms displaying illustrative work from two very different projects. His small water colour works were spontaneous, and often darkly funny. According to the interwebz, the works are commissions for two authors. It would’ve been great to see the final product of the collaborations… but nothing we can find just yet.

Written by STROBED. 3 out of 5

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  1. Tom O

    Seeing the photos I’m really disappointed I missed this. But Balmain is so far on a Friday night…!

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