The Human Environment @ The Glue Society Studios

The Human Environment @ The Glue Society Studios

We love art. Generally we try not to bother you with politics, but to give this show context we need to touch on some basics.

Remember when we, as a nation, sent ourselves to a living hell by voted in the Abbott government? Soon after our dear leader very publicly axed the Climate Commission in a grand gesture of ignorance and general dick-ness. So the Climate Commission re-formed as the Climate Council: a non-profit organisation working to educate the masses about global warming.

So, now we get to the art. The Glue Society and Sark Studio collaborated to bring us this exhibition. The Human Environment consists of photographic works from Tamara Dean, Paul Blackmore, Benja Harney, Bowen Arico, Ingvar Kenne, Derek Henderson, Chris Bosse, Chris Round, Toby Burrows, Andreas Smetana, Paul McDermott, Anne Ferran, Luke Steele, Victoria Alexander, Val Garland, Richard Bullock, Ari Wegner, Richard Allan, Lorin Askill & Anna Pogossova (sorry if we’re missing anyone!).

The artists explored what it is to be human. The Works are currently being auctioned online with proceeds going to the Climate Council.

We went along to the launch event to see the works in the flesh. The works were an emotive and sensitive interpretation of the theme from each of the photographers, musicians, artists, designers, cinematographers and architects that contributed.

The auction closes on Sunday, 23 February, 2014. Check it out.

Written by STROBED. 4.5 out of 5