Homeward – Kåre Martens @ A-M Gallery

Homeward – Kåre Martens @ A-M Gallery

Kåre Martens is an amazing painter. His collection of portraits for his latest exhibition, Homeward, featured mysterious sailors in thick, visceral oils. His characters were rendered on huge canvases and were impressive in their composition and technique. Martens’ theme for the show was inspired by stories from his childhood told to him by his father, a sailor. The exhibition explored the notion of career sailors retiring from a hard lived life on the sea, the adventure they had, and mementos etched into their bodies in the form of scars, tattoos and addictions.

As seems to be a theme this year, it was raining (and last year, come to think of it). The warm lights of the gallery and the promise of a great exhibition is enough to get us off the couch. A-M Gallery, as always, was busy and welcoming and packed with friends and supporters of Martens.

The exhibition continues until the 30th of June. It is really worth a look. Beautiful work.

P.S. Sorry for the delay ; – )

Written by STROBED. 5 out of 5