Katabasis: Come on Down – Sal Higgens @ Salerno

Katabasis: Come on Down – Sal Higgens @ Salerno

After visiting Sal Higgen’s debut solo show at Sheffer Gallery earlier this year, it was love. Her bold, sometimes splashy, sometimes quirky, and always nightmarish works drew us to another world. Her new works have a brighter and more electric palate. It is likely to lull viewers into a false sense of comfort: neon and candy pinks highlight demons and violence rather than sweet surprises.

Higgen’s trend of using unprimed linen as her canvas bring her characters unashamedly into focus. We like.

Katabasis is a body of work drawing heavily on myth and also self. It is clear that many, if not all, the works in the series are self portraits of the artist. Raw and magical, Higgens explores the strength of female figures in Greek myths of the underworld.

Salerno gallery was buzzing for the opening. Fans and friends filling the space to see the exhibition in the flesh. There is an online catalogue at Salerno’s website. However the impact of these works in the flesh just does not compare.

The exhibition continues at Salerno Gallery until November 4th. Do yourself a favor and go see it!

Written by STROBED. 5 out of 5