Aus Infront @ LO-FI

Aus Infront @ LO-FI

The Aus Infront folks were back this year with a visual response competition based on the theme word “Native”. After a great show that we covered last year we couldn’t miss the chance to check it out.

This year the show was, well, different. The number of finalists was cut to 10, there was no framing, there were no citations, there were no room sheets. It was a little disappointing. We wondered if the artists felt similarly considering the effort that was put into the show last year. At least it wasn’t raining this year.

The artworks themselves were a great collection of photography, illustration and design. The artists explored the theme with creativity and the kind of self-deprecating humour that only Australian’s seem capable of.

No idea who was the winner of the competition, but we hear that the prizes are valued up to $9000 — nice work to whoever took them home!

Written by STROBED. 3 out of 5