Hyper Reality Dimension XX @ aMBUSH Gallery

Hyper Reality Dimension XX @ aMBUSH Gallery

Hyper Reality Dimension XX opened at aMBUSH last week. It has been a while since we made our way out to Waterloo, so a new show that promised a chance to reminisce about 80s pop-culture was the perfect excuse.

The group show featured works from Jodee Knowles, Chris Yee, Rebecca Murphy, HOUL, KID9, OX, Bafcat, Claire Orrell, Sam Octigan, Lizzie Nagy, Gerald Leung, Luke Marcatili, BOB, Iconica, Ala Paredes, Bryn Desmond-Jones, Jonathan Verzosa, Sam Hoh, Jacob Rolfe, and Jin Hien Lau.

Participating artists drew inspiration from 80s and early 90s cult film heroes and cartoon icons like The Ninja Turtles, Heman, Gumby, and Ghostbusters just to name a few. We have no doubt that a lot of the artists weren’t old enough to remeber the 80s, but that’s okay. Our minds almost exploded at being reminded of 90s gems like Toxic Crusaders; lyrics of theme songs jumped out from dusty corners of distant memories. Widget, anyone? It was amusing to see so many people wandering through the gallery in a nostalgic haze.

According to aMBUSH, there will be an online catalogue accessible until April 30th, where you can check out all the works and buy something if you are so inclined. Unfortunately we couldn’t find it on aMBUSH’s website, so maybe keep checking their page or give them a call if you’re interested.

Also check out Chris Yee’s coverage of the exhibition.

Written by STROBED. 4.5 out of 5


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  2. aMBUSH

    Thank you Strobed for a great write up on Hyper Reality Dimension XX. The online catalogue will be available this week from our website and Facebook, apologies for the delay!

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