GO FONT UR SELF* saw it’s 6th instalment open to the public in all its sweaty warehouse glory last Wednesday. With a reputation for pulling together some impressive names and impressive works it was not a surprise that GO FONT UR SELF* had Roller buzzing.


A nutshell description of the GO FONT UR SELF* series is to say that a bunch of artists/designers are asked to create a type-based work. A festival for fans of typography.

Mike Giant

As the profile of the series grows, so does the profile of the artists involved. It was exciting to see international names like Mike Giant and Travis Millard involved.

Luke Lucas

As always the collection was wonderfully diverse. Each artist had used typography to accentuate their own particular style.

Well Dressed Vandals

The gallery space was packed. And with the November heat in the kind sponsorship from Kirin never tasted so good.

.. unrelated but LOOK – MATCHING BEANINES! Ha, love it.

Once again, a great show from the GO FONT UR SELF* series. Fingers crossed that chapter 7 will be in the works soon!