Go Font Ur Self @ Peer Gallery

Hell Awaits - Raza Uno

Nicely timed with the kick off of Semi Permanent design conference festivities, Peer Gallery’s 4th installment of “Go Font Ur Self” opened this week giving typography nerds some serious joy.

This n' That - Rob Abel

The 14 artists and designers involved gave a excellent snapshot at the innovation, creativity and excitement that our simple alphabet has the potential to inspire.

Dos Cervezas Por Favor - Yok

Dos Cervezas Por Favor - Yok

Both local and international artists were involved in the show. The print series were displayed along the narrow corridor of the gallery, while in an adjacent room some live painting was happening. It reminded us that you don’t necessarily need to be and Photoshop master to enjoy text based art.

Remember that art class in school when you had to write words in the shape of what they described? This take it to a whole new level.

A full house for the show. A one night only event that no one wanted to miss.

Spray Can Man - Blends

Lovely ladies providing tunes to keep the kids in the mood.

Great show. Great Gallery. If you missed it this year keep you ears to the ground for volume #5.