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Twoone + Thomas Jackson @ LO-FI Collective

There is a very very sexy new exhibition space in Sydney -  the name is LO-FI Collective. We recommend you get along and acquaint yourselves. 2463

Ben Frost + James Jirat Patradoon @ Boutwell Draper

If you like your art with a good splash of pop, you would have to have been in some sort of coma not to have seen or heard of the two artists on show at Boutwell Draper on this fine evening. Ben Frost and James…

STROBE @ China Heights

Walking into China Height Gallery this week was the highlight of our week. Kevin Tran's collection of new works is just magical. 2203

40% Wool / 60% Acrylic @ The Wall

Every Wednesday night The World Bar in Kings Cross plays host to The Wall. The dedicated weekly art party is providing an accessible exhibition space for emerging artists. This particular evening the resident show was 40% Wool / 60% Acrylic, a group show curated by Hardware Gallery's…

RAW @ Verge Gallery

Second year students from Sydney College of the Arts were in the spotlight for RAW: a group show from 5 artists currently studying sculptue, performance and installation art. 1775

Not With a Whimper But With a Bang @ PolyGallery

The handout for the latest show at PolyGallery summed up the exhibition nicely: "pieces by a range of disturbed young artists whose work is executed with dark humor and astonishing talent". Love it! 1681