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Tangled – Audrey Kawasaki @ Outré

If you are a fan of low brow art you will know this young woman. Audrey Kawasaki is big. Hailing from Los Angeles, her illustrative style and beautiful hypnotic figures have been gracing gallery walls and the pages of art press from around the world for quite…

Wednesday August 4th, 2010 @ Global Gallery

The Stalk - Rhiana Griffith, mixed media on canvas. Forgive us for abbreviating the title of this post to "Wednesday August 4th, 2010". Our excuse lies solely with the fact that when Global Gallery opens its doors for an opening it's a major event. This particular evening played host…

Kindling @ Plump

Well well, there's a new kid on the block. We only caught wind of the launch of Plump Gallery the day before the event. We couldn't we resist a peek. 1692

SIXTEEN @ Somedays

SIXTEEN was Jackson Eaton, Pedro Ramos, Luke Byrne, Ward Roberts, Oliver Bryce Yates, Sam Ash, Sam Stephenson, Brett Chan, Leon Batchelor, Gene Eaton, Tony Mckey, Ross Jenkinson, Sam Chiplin, Joe Coleman, Ryan Kenny and last but not least Jacinda Fermanis who pulled this bunch together…

Superset + Beth Josey + Jasmin Dessmann

It's no surprise that opening nights at Gaffa Gallery are epic; multiple galleries equals multiple shows sharing the glory. This opening night included great wine and an army of art lovers out to get their fix. 1374
Stereo Portrait Project @ Oh Really

Stereo Portrait Project @ Oh Really

So, apparently there is some sort of 3D revolution clawing into cinema, TV and now clean cut portrait photography. And while Avatar was mediocre and the 3D Sate of Origin was ignored, this portrait stuff was impressive. 1305

Medium: Vinyl @ Hardware

Hardware gallery has a hidden secret; it is a cover operation for something far more sinister. The gallery's Record Room brings vinyl fanatics from all over Sydney to this particular spot on Enmore Road to flick through thousandss of records in hope of finding some missing gem…