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Jodee Knowles @ Friends of Leon

Friends of Leon Gallery played host to Jodee Knowles' homecoming show in Sydney on Thursday night. After a recent cameo in the L.A. art world, Jodee is back in Australia showing off her latest collection. 545

Give A Trunk @ Monster Children

"10 artists, 10 charities, 10 original works of art" was the hype for Rhythm's Give a Trunk fundraiser. It turned out to be an excellent summary of a charity auction that bought together some big names in the Australian art scene. 471

Blue Moons @ Ma. Gallery

Ma. Gallery was host to 4 Sydney and Melbourne based artists on this Wednesday night. Blue moons was a nice little group show from Leon Hawker, A. West, William-Guillaume Saussay and Phil Soliman. 409

Unfolding Freedoms/Cabinet of Curiosities

The threat of rain was looming on Enmore Rd, but Hardware's warm lights and noisy buzz made it all worthwhile, not to mention the art. Maria Lizunova and Justin van den Berg were the artists in the spotlight. The¬†upstairs¬†gallery home to Maria's bold and tactile…

Dead Lovers Twisted Heart @ Monster Children

Sigh... another gallery with no aircon. Made so much worse by the fact that Monster Children has grown too big for it's tiny little abode. We arrived just after opening to a massive line out the door, and scenesters lolling idley in the gutter sipping…

Colouring-In @ James Dorahy

After battling with Kings Cross parking (lack there of) we arrived at James Dorahy Project Space and followed the sound of voices up the stairs to the gallery. 286

ppfffffttttttt! @ Ma. Gallery

Ma. Gallery, not yet a year old, opened it's doors on Wednesday for it's first group show of 2010. Don't be fooled by the closed green door, you didn't get the address wrong, sneak in and scale the stairs. 157