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Twoone + Thomas Jackson @ LO-FI Collective

There is a very very sexy new exhibition space in Sydney -  the name is LO-FI Collective. We recommend you get along and acquaint yourselves. 2463

Ben Frost + James Jirat Patradoon @ Boutwell Draper

If you like your art with a good splash of pop, you would have to have been in some sort of coma not to have seen or heard of the two artists on show at Boutwell Draper on this fine evening. Ben Frost and James…

MCAP 2010 @ Chrissie Cotter

Marrickville Contemporary Art Prize has just turned four years old. It is such a thrill to see that this humble little competition is getting bigger and better every year. 2207

Wednesday August 4th, 2010 @ Global Gallery

The Stalk - Rhiana Griffith, mixed media on canvas. Forgive us for abbreviating the title of this post to "Wednesday August 4th, 2010". Our excuse lies solely with the fact that when Global Gallery opens its doors for an opening it's a major event. This particular evening played host…

Superset + Beth Josey + Jasmin Dessmann

It's no surprise that opening nights at Gaffa Gallery are epic; multiple galleries equals multiple shows sharing the glory. This opening night included great wine and an army of art lovers out to get their fix. 1374

Medium: Vinyl @ Hardware

Hardware gallery has a hidden secret; it is a cover operation for something far more sinister. The gallery's Record Room brings vinyl fanatics from all over Sydney to this particular spot on Enmore Road to flick through thousandss of records in hope of finding some missing gem…

Julia Schauenburg @ galleryeight

Julia Schauenburg is a photographer with an impressive resume. Her advertising and fashion portfolio is beautiful. However, it is often personal work that really brings out the most in photographers when they are able to use their art to communicate their own messages. 1212