Paul Jackson + Gavin Hurley @ Boutwell Draper

Paul Jackson' s collection Faux was a collection divided into two parts. The first took a sombre look at Maori history and symbolism and the second explored surreal female portraiture. 759

Hunter + Hayes + West @ Grantpirrie

Despite being a leader in the Sydney gallery scene for a long while now, this was our first visit to Grantpirrie, and I believe it is in no way our last. 761

Johnny Romeo @ NG Art Gallery

You'll Never Take Me Alive is Johnny Romeo's new body of work that is being shown in all its hypercolour glory at NG Art Gallery. If you are a fan of pop-culture, Australian icons or masterful use of colour then this is the show for…

Nicole Barakat @ Chrissie Cotter Gallery

Let The Beauty We Love Be What We Do is a collection of new works by Nicole Barakat. This collection is an intensely personal project. As well as Barakat's work, the show features a collection of jackets and crochet by women of an era gone…

Re-Opening Show @ Firstdraft

Firstdraft has been closed for a while now with the promise of bigger and better things in 2010 owing to some serious renovation work. Wednesday night was it's grand re-opening, showing off the tidy new format of the gallery and the work of 5 artists…

Body Mod @ PolyMorph

PolyMorph was a very full house on Wednesday night for the opening of Body Mod. The group show included an impressive collection of traditional art forms, as well as performance and installation, all centering on themes of the human form and body modification. 618

Zoe McMahon @ Satellite Cafe

"That Other Place" was an exhibition of new works by Zoe McMahon. The show was a collection of shots from recent travels, executed in her distinctive ethereal style. 622

MCA Staff & Subset @ Gaffa

The Museum of Contemporary Art provides an interesting perk for it's employees - once a year they get to put on an exhibition. This is a showcase that  demonstrates that the people over at the MCA know their art in practice, not just theory. 552