SafARI @ MOP Projects

Last night MOP Projects played host to the launch of SafARI 2010, a multi-site exhibition that sees a collection of Sydney's Artist Run Initiative Galleries pull together and hand their walls to a select group of emerging and unrepresented artists. 1140

Niagara @ Outre Sydney

Apologies for the delay on sharing this fabulous show with you. And now that that is done and said... WOW! Outre doesn't have too many solo shows, but when they do you know it's going to be good. Niagara's April solo show did not disappoint. 1076

Satanism @ Gallery 9

'what' is an Australian artist who has, by no accident, chosen the weeks surrounding Easter (for those who didn't attend scripture: the anniversary of Jesus' crucifixion) to explore notions of God and the Devil in his new show Satanism. 1013

-TG1- @ PolyMorph

-TG1- was a showcase of new work from Troy Hammerton and Gavin Kyle. These are two artists exploring very different art forms. Yet mashed up together in PolyMorph's Gallery Space, they created some sort of ultra-violent harmony. 1011

Fergus Binns + Rachel Fuller @ Chalk Horse

We couldn't resist a quick stop by Chalk Horse lat week to catch the opening of Toy Paintings by Fergus Binns and Home-Sick by Rachel Fuller, two completely different shows, one sweet little gallery. 944

CarriageARTworks 2010 @ CarriageWorks

2010 marks the second year for CarriageARTworks. The event sees the vast foyer of CarriageWorks transformed into a showcase of works from 11 of Sydney's inner-west galleries. An exhibition that brings together work on canvas, sculpture, photography, mixed media, video art, performance art and textiles to…

Go Font Ur Self @ Peer Gallery

Nicely timed with the kick off of Semi Permanent design conference festivities, Peer Gallery's 4th installment of "Go Font Ur Self" opened this week giving typography nerds some serious joy. 885

The Departed – Melanie Boreham @ Hardware

Stepping into Hardware Gallery for Melanie Boreham's new show, The Departed, was an otherworldly experience. The entire top gallery was filled with small platforms of felted human hair, suspended in the air, sprouting delicate trees which created a forest waiting to be navigated. 804