Kozyndan @ Outré

Kozyndan @ Outré

After 2 years Kozyndan have come back to Australia with a suitcase full of new artwork. Outré hosted the opening and after such a fun show last time we were keen to check it out.

The exhibition featured digital work in the recognisable Kozyndan style. Also interesting were some bright and bold neon paintings that stepped right out of the square. Apparently the paintings are a sign of things to come, with Kozyndan explaining on their blog that they have “a yearning to return to a natural state”. Whatever that means.

The feature works of the show were 2 large scale panoramic works: surreal cityscapes featuring familiar street corners in Sydney and Melbourne. Fun to recognise your home in an artwork in which people are swimming through the air.

Sadly the show is over. (Yes, we’re so late on this one. Sorry.) You’ll have to take our word, or not, that it was great. Enjoy the snaps.

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Written by STROBED. out of 5