Tangled – Audrey Kawasaki @ Outré

Stranger - Audrey Kawasaki

If you are a fan of low brow art you will know this young woman. Audrey Kawasaki is big. Hailing from Los Angeles, her illustrative style and beautiful hypnotic figures have been gracing gallery walls and the pages of art press from around the world for quite a few years. So with much anticipation (and kudos to the wonderful people at Outré) we bring to you her latest offering: Tangled.

As usual, the gallery was packed, but this time it was not for the hype of free beer on Crown Street. It was for a chance to rub shoulders with one of the most influential female artists practicing today. The queue was to the door with excited fans waiting to get thier photo taken with Ms. Kawasaki, a very patient and professional smiler.


The happy crowd was amazingly well behaved! And after about a soild hour of giggling and watching people grinning for iPhone snaps, the crowd thinned a little and gave us a window to get down and bring you a look at the work.

To You To Me - Audrey Kawasaki

The sensual stares of Audrey Kawasaki’s figures are a characteristic element of all her work. The majority of Kawasaki’s back catalogue features female figures; so we think that the sight of male figures becoming part of her repertoire is particularly exciting.

Just Between Us - Audrey Kawasaki

My Little Labyrinth (detail) - Audrey Kawasaki

The original works featured in the show are oil paintings on wood panel. The flawless lines and delicate colouring have a warmth and glow that owes a lot to the materials used.

A well deserved beer after much patient posing.

In addition to coming out and seeing the show, we were keen to see the new Outré Gallery. Its loft style layout is a clever trick to double the displaying power of a small space.

We hesitated to lean too heavily on that rail… couldn’t help imagining how badly that might have ended for the folks below.

So much fun to have a bird’s eye view.

It’s very exciting to have the opportunity to see Audrey Kawasaki coming all the way to Australia to show us what she’s made of.

We look forward to many more upcoming shows from Outré’s favourite friends!