MCAP 2010 @ Chrissie Cotter

Chicken - April White

Marrickville Contemporary Art Prize has just turned four years old. It is such a thrill to see that this humble little competition is getting bigger and better every year.

Take T Ysukue

The only real rule for entry in this competition is that artists must live or work in the Marrickville council area. Considering that this covers the majority of the Inner West it is not surprising that such a large and diverse range of talented individuals get involved.

Billie Rose Prichard

Painting, installation, sculpture, video works and every thing in between made appearances. With a first prize to the value of $5000 we didn’t envy the judges – this was an epic example of comparing apples with oranges.

Ganbold Lundaa

Chrissie Cotter Gallery in Camperdown was the venue for the show. We are continually impressed with this gallery, it is a fantastic council initiative. If you are an artist and in the local area check out the council’s website for application details – applications are now open for 2011. You get a free exhibition space (that you have to man yourself), how could you lose?

… this looks like a busy gallery, but really its a long queue to the bar… just kidding… kind of. Points lost for $4 a beer charge! What’s with this profiteering?!

Michael Garbutt

- Didn't get the artist's name here. If it's you LET US KNOW! -

The guys and girls from At The Vanishing Point (ATVP) did an amazing job of selecting the finalists, curating the show and hanging the show.

Artist TBC

- Didn't get the artist's name here. If it's you LET US KNOW! -

ATVP Director Brendan Penzer kicked off the official proceedings with a thank you to the landowners, the council sponsorship and the participating artists. As always with a room full of competitors you could have cut the tension in the room with a knife.

The excited winner was performance artist Billie Rose Prichard.

Huge crowd of artists and punters turned out for the show, skillfully dodging around the installations and sculptures. The crowd contributed to our poor note taking re: artist names. Sorry about that…

We’re not sure if this is the original shape of the artwork, or if it was shaped from people’s heads smashing into it accidentally.

Congratulations to all the artists involved. This is a really wonderful prize and exhibition. The competition has improved immensely since last year. If you have a chance over the next few weeks drop by and check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

P.S. We want to give another round of applause to the finalists: Adam Hill, Anne Kwasner, Anthony Bartok, April White, Barbara Licha, Billie Crellin, Billie Rose Prichard, Catriona Secker, Court Williams, Danielle Bluff, Elisa Trunzo, Ganbold Lundaa, Gemma Messih. Geoff Levitus, Georgina Pollard, Goran Tomic, James Gatt, Jessica Geron, Kate Mackay, Kirsten T Smith, Kristine McCarroll, Kurt Sorensen, Kylie Hoy, Margaret Carey, Michael Garbutt, Muzi Li, Nicole Barakat, Peter Fyfe, Peter McGuiness, Rachael Everitt, Rachael Freeman, Rod Chilmaid, Sarah Nolan, Sarah Versitano, Shane Brazier, Susannah Williams, Take T Yusuke, Tim Andrew, Yvonne Levenston, Zanny Begg. Thank you.