Wednesday August 4th, 2010 @ Global Gallery

The Stalk – Rhiana Griffith, mixed media on canvas.

Forgive us for abbreviating the title of this post to “Wednesday August 4th, 2010”. Our excuse lies solely with the fact that when Global Gallery opens its doors for an opening it’s a major event. This particular evening played host to solo shows from 7 artists, as well as open studios and a retro gig poster display. So believe us when we say this post is but a glimpse of what was on show, and hopefully we leave you hungry enough to go and check it out for yourself.

Baby Brain Series 4-6 - Rhiana Griffith, charcoal & pen on echo woodblock

“In the Night Garden” was a collection of recent works from Rhiana Griffith. Her etherial subjects were dreamlike a whimsical. Gestural and surreal elements united her works across their varying medium an scale.

We sensed an undertone of Charles Blackmann-like creepieness. Very nice.

Shannon Crees

Shannon Crees’ new work demonstrated her sensitivity and attention to detail. Each work was intricately layered with different colours, patterns and figures to create the final product.

Shannon Crees

Using combinations of mixed media, Crees builds her mysterious female subjects. They seem to have a transience. As you can see their form but are drawn to look past them into the complexity of the background detail.

Shannon Crees

Yes You Can - Marcus Marritt, digital print on card

“Popular Propaganda” was a collection of prints from designer Marcus Marritt. His popular culture and political referencing made it a humorous and somewhat frightening display.

More, More, More - Marcus Marritt, digital print on card

I Pad - Anthony Bartok, acrylic on canvas

Anthony Bartoks corner of the gallery housed his new collection “Modern Living”. The title speaks for itself really. His series was a collection of clean sharp icons of modern-day status symbols including Apple technology, designer homes and annonymity.

This presented a new direction in Bartok’s work: a step away from his emotive portraits. I guess we’re all for trying new things.

Pulling Strings - Marie Larkin, mixed media

Marie Larkin’s “Little Women” was a collection showing that she like to try her hand at a little of everything. Drawing, painting, inks and sculpture all played important roles in defining her work.

Stay Awhile - Marie Larkin, pencil & ink on paper

The diversity show by Larkin made it almost seem like we were viewing a group show.

Young Asian Boy - Justin Feuerring, acrylic & sand on polyurethane

“Poly People” was Justin Feuerring’s offering to the night. His enormous works were bold and powerful. And while each hung in a frame on the wall their excecution was closer to sculpture than anything 2-dimensional.

Justin Feuerring

As usual, it took all our strength not to start poking at the work to see what it felt like.

Sculptures by Nicole Grech (centre)

Nicole Grech’s unsettling bronze sculpture were great. Unfortunately we didn’t get a close up. Go see them for yourself!

What a massive night! We highly recommend getting down to Global Gallery and having a look for yourself at their amazing space and their amazing collection of artists on display and in residence.