Deb Mansfield @ Sheffer Gallery

Gibson Cypress - Giclee Print, 2008

Last week Sheffer Gallery played host to Deb Mansfield’s new collection “Hush Now, Louisiana“.

The collection was a beatifully presented combination of enormous giclee prints of her images alongside photographic tapestries (we are so fascinated by this process, so kitch but so aweome!). Somehow this contrasted beautifully between the artistically appropriate and the beautifully tacky which perhaps is a deliberate comment on the American South.

Ectoplasm in Louisiana - photographic tapestry, 2009

The images were a wonderful collection displayed together, and, sad as it may be to admit, we couldn’t help being reminded that we need to see True Blood season two. Ahhh, stereotypes.

Peacock with Betty's Son's Car - photographic tapestry, 2009

Apparently Mansfield has only been practicing her craft for the last 5 years. This is a testament to the understanding she has, not only of her compositions and individual works, but of her ability to produce a perfectly cohesive body of work and exploit her gallery space to its full potential.

On another note, this was our first visit to Sheffer Gallery: a very nice space indeed.

Great show. We will be keeping our radar switched on for more from Mansfield and upcoming shows at Sheffer.

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