Elizabeth Marruffo @ Friends of Leon

Leon Krasenstein has a plan: to pull the most fascinating female artists out of WA and give them an audience over here on the “Eastside”. The shows at Friends of Leon Gallery provide the Sydney art scene with some fresh and amazingly talented artists.

Thursday night saw the opening of Elizabeth Marruffo’s new show “Milk and Whispers”, a series exploring a dreamscape of Mexican icons and isolation. Drawing from personal experience and comunicating through self-portraiture, her collection is both intimate and somehow menacing.

One Thousand Islands - oil & acrylic on linen.

A series of 15 sweeping desolate landscapes circled the gallery walls, each featuring a tiny curiosity. The works is series were beautiful. Marruffo’s sensitive use of oils and her carefully balanced compositions fitted well together as a series. It was almost sad to see them selling separately.

The River Beneath - oil and acrylic on linen.

The River Beneath - (detail) oil and acrylic on linen.

Delicate line work and splashes of colour characterised the thematic detail of Marruffo’s landscapes.

In addition to the landscape series, two large portraits grace the walls of the gallery. The shape shifting nature of the subject is delicate and gentle. This is a strange impression to be left with when you consider you are seeing a beautiful girl with antlers whose form is peeling into nothingness.

As usual the gallery was well sponsored and dishing out their fabulous punch.

Lots of happy punter = lots of red spots.

We hate to repeat ourselves, but this really is a gorgeous gallery space.

Another opening, another successful show. There’s another three shows before the end of the year, make sure you get to at least one.